I am and always have been a big NHL fan. I would always play the NHL games and go out and get them as soon as they come out seeming as I couldn't wait to play as the players that I adored so much. The NHL games have always been glitchy and it has been a problem but one that could easily be overcome due to them being minor glitches that are sometimes funny. However this year is almost unbearable. There are numerous glitches that just seem to ruin the game, and on top of it all there are never any updates to try and fix them. Its as if EA has abandoned us to our own devices. Between the constant boarding and charging calls, to the unexpected shifts in goalie competence there is no time to enjoy the game. Also half the time it seems this game was made by people who have never watched a hockey game in their lives.  The EASHL is something I always enjoyed, now its gotten ridiculous. The game rewards showboating moves and shots rather than real hockey plays. A team can go on a stint of 5 or 6 shots with lots of passing and actual hockey plays and they won't score or even make the goalie sweat it seems. Then one player takes it all the way down the ice, keeping the puck through poke checks to throw a random shot on net and scores. Also the momentum in the game is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever experienced. It causes teams to get a sudden boost and they are untouchable. Also it seems to come at the most random times, I understand after fights but half of the time it just happens with a simple hit or a single shot. And I don't know who they consulted on physics, but it most certainly wasn't anyone of the planet Earth. The puck will hit a spot in the corner and randomly bounce around the rink, you can poke check the puck off a stick one way and the puck will go the opposite way that you poked. Countless things occur in the game that don't follow even the most basic principles of physics. Even with the things I mentioned and everything else that others have experienced, I do have to say the most infuriating thing is the fighting. Whenever a big hit is landed, an instant fight. On top of that it, there is no instigating penalty given in these situations. A player can drop his gloves, skate from one end of the ice to the other, get into a fight and get no penalty for it. I'm sorry but that is not the way it happens. It happens so many times in a game that it just turns out to be a boxing match that has a little bit of hockey in between the rounds. EA needs to fix so many things in NHL 14 and actually commit to making a quality game. I'm just hoping that 15 ends up being better or it seems that one of my favorite games to play is going to have to be replaced.