There really needs to be a Momentum Slider that you can turn off in this game.
The Momentum Boosts have taken me to the land of swearing obscenities way more than my cheers.

If I get a good lead, automatically all my players start playing cruddy and passing horrible. Turning off Pass Assist has helped some, but still if the computer decides it is going to score it does at will.

Why can't the game just play at a level and stick there win or lose.

Or when I switch players sometimes it chooses the guy closest to the puck, but other times it arbitrarily chooses whomever for no reason. Sometimes if the puck is going around the boards R2 will choose instead of the guy near the puck who could cut it off, the dude around the boards on the other side that the puck may be going towards, but then the computer player cuts it off next to the guy it should have let me control and I am stuck controlling a guy way off the screen and out of the play...sarcastic yay. Pressing R2 constantly hoping to gain control of a player that can make a difference is incredbily annoying, and it destroys the flow of the game.

90% of the time, if the computer dumps the puck in, the puck does the same three bounces in the corner every single time. With this so called revamped physics, the puck doing the exact same thing over and over again is not very realistic. They should have put a little random variable in, so the computer didn't dump the puck in the same way every single time.

All the stupid goals piling up...yay, I go to start a fight after a big hit (if the computer attempts this, my player is forced to stop what he was doing and fight). If I attempt to start a fight after a big hit, my player glides over slowly while all my other players stop what they are doing and in the process allow the computer to score?

Of course once the computer takes the lead or ties with stupid goals like that, I can easily skate into the slot and instantly score two dumb goals myself to retake the lead and this process continues over and over.

Oh well, that's my rant. After playing NHL since 1992, this looks to be the first time I actually traded in one of my copies. It looks like I am going back to NHL 11.