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  • Blog Post: The Return Of Arcade Hockey

    Capturing the subtleties of a freewheeling sport like hockey isn’t easy for game developers. Writing AI routines that know how to accompany a player-controlled skater during a breakout, provide ample forechecking support, maintain sound defensive positioning, and stickhandle through a sea of sticks... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Addresses The Troublesome Goal Interference System

    EA Sports released a new video showing off some of the improvements made to goalies in NHL 14. Goalies are now subject to the same collision physics as other players no matter where they're standing. Along with this improvement, goaltender interference has been more finely tuned for accuracy—an... More
  • Blog Post: A Taste Of The NHL Life

    The NHL franchise's Be a Pro mode has been dormant for a few years, so it was great to hear that NHL 14 would augment the mode with some off-ice situations. The first trailer for the mode gives you a brief look at what you can expect. Be a Pro mode is now being cast as Live the Life, where you not... More
  • Blog Post: EA Canada Outlines NHL 14 Online Improvements

    It seems like the Stanley Cup Finals just ended, but we're only roughly a month away from NHL training camp. Accordingly, EA Canada continues to shed light on the changes coming to NHL 14. Today's topic du jour is the EA Sports Hockey League, the online 6v6 mode. Here are a few of the community... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 14 Answers The Bell With New Fight Footage

    Who knows if fighting will even be in the NHL in five years, but until they ban it from the sport enjoy this trailer for NHL 14's new fighting engine. The trailer compares/contrasts this year's fighting mechanics from last year, and it's a big step up. Fights not only happen seamlessly during... More
  • Blog Post: Soft Hands

    Not every NHL player can dangle the puck with silky smooth moves, but at least NHL 14 developer EA Canada is making it a little easier for players of the game to pull off their best dekes. A new trailer for the game explains its new one-touch deke system as well as improved defense. Series producer Sean... More
  • Blog Post: The Brains Behind NHL 14's Brawn

    The passion always goes up a notch now that it's playoff time, and NHL developer EA Canada is doing the same when it comes to NHL 14's physics collision system. This latest developer diary shows how this fall's title will be more physical than last year. Better AI prediction and taking into... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 14 Talks Tough

    At a recent event, NHL 14 developer EA Canada talked a little more about the features revealed so far for the game. PLAYER CONTACT EA Canada says that consistency in the execution and effect of hits was one of the most requested features by fans, and it's trying to match that expectation. In my very... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 14 Gets Some Grit

    Physicality is a big part of hockey, and developer EA Canada is adding some grit to its lineup thanks to some new-and-improved features for NHL 14. Building off of the series' player collision physics, NHL 14 uses an improved impact engine and new left-analog hit controls to try and deliver bigger... More
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