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  • Blog Post: A Great Skater Runs Into Offseason Trouble

    Owners and general managers willingly circumvent salary cap rules and sign players to $100 million contracts, but they argue that the NHL is in dire straits despite generating record revenue for the past seven years. Now the league is moving toward its second lockout in less than a decade, which means... More
  • Blog Post: Skating With Speed In NHL 13

    NHL 13 introduces a new physics model for players' skating, and the offshoot is that players can better utilize their speed. This can come at a cost, however. Take a look at this tutorial video showing you the game's new skating mechanics. Although players can utilize their speed better than... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 13 Trailer Overload

    A lot has been revealed about NHL 13's improvements, but EA Sports and EA Canada aren't done delivering new info in advance of the game's September 11 release. Today we've got a pair of videos that cover improvements to the title's defensive game and presentation package. The defensive... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 13 Overhauls Its Trade Interface

    Any NHL general manager worth his salt will tell you that one of the quickest ways to shore up inadequacies on your roster is to make a quick trade. In NHL 12, making a smart trade was often tough thanks to strange AI quirks (teams would sometimes reject a proposal they just made to you), a lack of valuable... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 13 Gameplay Trailer

    EA Sports released a video highlighting many of the new features that were added to NHL 13. Producer Ben Ross walks you through it. Players can finally skate backwards, which changes up the offensive-zone strategies. You can also chop the puck along the boards to assist with your breakouts. Goalie can... More
  • Blog Post: Taking The Ice With NHL 13

    NHL 13 is making important changes to players' skating, and what better way to understand this than to spend some more time with the game. We got some extra hands-on time with NHL 13 and got a glimpse of some of its possibilities. You always hear about players that can or can't skate in the NHL... More
  • Blog Post: Everything We Know About NHL 13's GM Connected Mode

    NHL 13 already sounds like its skating in the right direction with the new True Performance Skating system and EA Sports IQ , but if the series wants to be in the sports game of the year conversation one of the areas needing a major overhaul is the Be A GM mode. We sat down with producer Andy Agostini... More
  • Blog Post: A Fast Shift With NHL 13

    Take a look at this teaser of some of NHL 13's new features as you wait for the Stanley Cup Finals to commence. NHL 13 is hitting the ice on September 11 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and the latest trailer for the game from EA Sports and developer EA Canada shows off upcoming features like the improved... More
  • Blog Post: 22 Things We Know About NHL 13

    A few weeks ago we had a chance to lace up our skates and take to the ice with NHL 13. Can the series regain its balance after slipping slightly last year? Here is what we learned. GAMEPLAY 1. Previous NHL entries featured speed differentiation between players, but the developer is the first to admit... More
  • Blog Post: NHL 13 Combines Smarts & Skating Ability

    The NHL franchise has become one of EA Sports' most consistently good series, but the innovations have been slowing down in recent iterations. NHL 13 will try to address some areas that are due for an upgrade. SKATING Players' speed on the ice will be highlighted to replicate the acceleration... More
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