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NHL 13

NHL 13 Trailer Overload

A lot has been revealed about NHL 13's improvements, but EA Sports and EA Canada aren't done delivering new info in advance of the game's September 11 release.

Today we've got a pair of videos that cover improvements to the title's defensive game and presentation package. The defensive video in particular shows multiple examples of how player-controlled and AI defenses are tougher through better poke-checking, back checking forwards, better positioning, and sticks in passing lanes.

And if that's not good enough of a defense performance, you'll be even more impressed that developer EA Canada managed to get Chris Pronger healthy enough to take the ice again.

For more on the game's GM improvements, check out Bertz's previous preview.



NHL 13 comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 11.

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  • Lookin good! Can't wait to get my mitts on this.

  • All I nees to know is how to shoot pass and check.
  • If sports games weren't the same price as other games I would totally get them

  • NHL has always been the only fun sports game.

  • After years of seeing the same cutscences, it's nice to see some change. Go Wild!

  • This series needs a major overhaul. It doesn't matter how many names they come up with for their "new" features, I haven't seen any major changes for a couple years

  • Bertz always does a great job reviewing the NHL games, and the trailer's pretty good as well.

  • I wish NHL would add a live in season update, much like NBA 2k does..I was playing NHL 12 last night and realize players stats shown are from two years ago! Why not implement a feature that follows NBA and update players points throughout the season?

  • This looks great. OF course EA Canada is making this game.

  • The graphics keep getting better and better these days. Who even needs to watch sports anymore?

  • Looks like I'm gonna score a lot less this season on NHL.

  • Cool

  • That true broadcast view looks absolutely phenomenal, but I've never been able to control my players very well from that angle.

  • Man the graphics on this looks really good

  • Needs more fights. And a zombie mode..

  • I want this game so bad