My brother begged me to purchase this game for him. Thankfully, it was at a bargain thirty dollars instead of the standard sixty. NFL Tour was supposed to be the great step forward for the NFL Street series - which wasn't too bad, and had an insane amount of unlockables for hours upon hours of replay value. Yet, this game failed to interest fans and newcomers of the series with unresponsive controls, vanilla "trick" plays, and cheap gameplay modes which sapped virtually all of the energy out of this series.

So, players get a chance to tour lavish street football arenas and become champions, right? Wrong. The graphics, while moderately satisying on the XBOX 360, offer little variety in terms of stage design, and the character models are far from engaging or interesting; they're simply there to inform the player, rather than entertain the player. So is the game's commentary. What's worse than hearing a person distract you from your play experience with horrible jokes? Perhaps hearing them announce that you have to suffer through the monotony and repetitiveness of it all, making your time a living nightmare? But apparently, such a matter is the least of EA's concerns, and in this sense the speaker is true, as NFL Tour feels like a game that has been diluted due to the lack of any true innovation or significant new material. Apparently, the formula speaks for itself: "just wash, rinse, repeat."

The one true strength and - admittedly, joy - asset of NFL Tour's gameplay is not the slight variety offered with different game modes, nor the prospects of the single player campaign - touring what? A building reskinned with a scant few tawdry alterations to the background? - but the ability to break free from tackles. When timed correctly, you stun your opponent and gain a few yards; when done wrong, which will be often, due to the horribly unresponsive controls, it's a waste of time and money, especially considering the only "trick" your character(s) will be doing is a cheap leap off the barriers closing in the field. Once again, "wash, rinse, repeat."

This game is a thundering mess, with little replay value and no achievements to aspire for. While the controls are easy to use, they are often so unresponsive that you feel like you're guessing rather than actually trying to play this game with any sagacity. All in all, this is a game that is a remarkable step down from its predecessors, and will enter the EA hall of shame. Even my tween brother could tell this game sucked. I didn't need a pissed-off commentator to tell me twice.