I completely disagree with all three of these reviews. I think they did a great job with this game.  To all PC lovers: GO AWAY.  You will hate this game because you will complain about the controls the entire time.  For those of us who grew up playing unreal on consoles, you will love this game.  It is a great throwback to the fast-paced arena shooters of yesteryear.  With Cryengine 3 running, the game looks great.  If you are complaining about the lack of guns/maps/varients, you are missing the point.  This game is not COD.  You cant just play one gametype all day with one gun and some overpowered killstreaks.  You have to be good at all the guns and all the maps to truely be skilled.  I bought this game because, in the end, it was only 10 bucks.  Its a fun distraction from the AAA games that we all love.  Even if the matchmaking sucks, it can be updated.  Buying the game sends the message that I like what they are trying to do,and I want them to continue.