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I downloaded the trial version of this arcade game on Xbox Live with hopes that maybe this game would be the answer to my want for the return to the old days of Arena style shooters. Sadly this game doesn't even come close.  The game play isn't remotely fun, you pick up things like mortars and rocket launchers and you would think it would start dealing some damage. Like just a little bit right? I'm not asking for one shot kills here but no you might as well just keep the default shotgun for all the good it does you. 3 on 3 matches I find very boring even though I saw they are fixing this with a patch it still isn't gonna get me into this game. I'm still not entirely sure how the mutators work but I can tell you this much, grab the strength mutator and go crazy because that things makes you hit like a freight train against your opponents for roughly what feels like 15-20 seconds. All in all if you have the extra cash and wanna try this baby out as the full version have fun. As for me, I'm letting this one go. What could have been so much more is sadly just another wasted attempt in my eyes. It was a good try THQ but you just missed the mark.

  • I completely disagree with all three of these reviews. I think they did a great job with this game.  To all PC lovers: GO AWAY.  You will hate this game because you will complain about the controls the entire time.  For those of us who grew up playing unreal on consoles, you will love this game.  It is a great throwback to the fast-paced arena shooters of yesteryear.  With Cryengine 3 running, the game looks great.  If you are complaining about the lack of guns/maps/varients, you are missing the point.  This game is not COD.  You cant just play one gametype all day with one gun and some overpowered killstreaks.  You have to be good at all the guns and all the maps to truely be skilled.  I bought this game because, in the end,it was only 10 bucks.  Even if the matchmaking sucks, it can be updated.  Buying the game sends the message that I like what they are trying to do,and I want them to continue.