Getting bored of "working together as a team" in    NSMBW (New Mario Bros. Wii)? Well, I have the solution. Theses are 5 ways to kick your freinds butt in NSMBW.


1. When a Pirahna Plant shoots a fireball over your head, pick up your buddy next to you and watch him burn!

2. When you have a mushroom that makes your character grow and your freind dosn't pick him up and walk under the Wompas from Bowser's Castle levels.

        (Bowsers Castle On Left)

3. In the level with the turning square mushrooms in world one when you and your freind are about to fall to your death, wall jump in between two of the platforms and jump on the other players head sending him to his doom, and you to safety.

4.Pick up your freinds near the turning cogs in the Bowsers Castle levels and let the cogs crush your freind, but try not to die yourself.

Note: This next one dosn't really kill your freind, it just makes them swear at the screen after their dead.

5. Now for all you doge happy Smash Bros. fans, after using one of the first tecniques when another player dies and is trapped in the bubble they will try to come near you to try to get you to free them. Just simply dodge them. If youre great at dodging in Smash Bros. then you'll pick up this one in no time.(This tecnique works best with only 2 players so the other players don't free them)