I've been a fan of Super Mario games since the 1990's and until I played this game I had loved every Mario platformer I've played with the exception of Super Mario Bros 2.

The main problem I have with this game is it's controls are slow to respond which feels unlike a Mario game because every other Mario platformer I've played have had fast-to-respond controls.

I can see the level designs were meant to be tough which could have been a nice change for the series since the last two Mario platformers released before New Super Mario Bros Wii(which were New Super Mario Bros DS and Super Mario Galaxy)were quite easy in difficulty.However,with sloppy controls,the gameplay becomes frustrating and loses much of the fun factor.

Some of the new power-up ideas were cool such as shooting ice which traps enemies in ice and you can pick up the enemy that's encased in ice and push their ice-encasing to make it slide and knock over other enemies.

The presentation is quite nice too,very charming story scenes and the visuals are rich in color and textures.

The way it makes the player use the Wii-specific functions are gimmicky and the multiplayer stuff doesn't appeal to me since I like to play games in single player.

My final say for the game is if you want to play a great 2D Mario platformer,play Super Mario World or New Super Mario Bros U and if you want to play great 3D Mario games play Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario 3D Land.