Most of us, including me, have fond memories of Super Mario Bros. introducing us to gaming the first time. Mario was the cool little plumber that made me a gamer, not Pong, nor even a DK entry. Both this nostalgia and improved gameplay make the Wii's New Super Mario Bros. entry a must-have for any retro Nintendo fan and delivers in its great eye for multi-player and engaging content. If you played the series before, know that New Super Mario Bros. is just as good as you remember it and more.


Like usual, Princess Peach gets kidnapped at one of her own parties and Mario, plus Luigi, plus Toad, plus a bunch of Yoshis go and save her. I mourned the absence of Wario or even Waluigi, but the three are often great contrasts to Mario a lot of the time and are their skill are appreciated. The graphics are great and Pixar-like and give new depth to the overly improved worlds and level design.


Akin to that of its title, New Super Mario Bros. emulates its series history in every way, and its visuals are all the better for it. Levels are divided up into world maps same as before and in all the higher definition that the current-gen can produce. Mario's worlds are teaming with diverse and adorable enemies and the levels themselves are brim with the typical amount of color and cuteness that you remember them for. The world maps include considerable more content than on the handheld New Super Mario Bros. and there are plenty of secrets like Toadhouses and warp pipe short-cuts for players to unlock.


Gameplay is much the same as the old with a few nice improvements. Jumping is more fluid and graceful than it has been. Plus, Mario's new upgrades of the helicopter helmet and his ice flower add better mechanics to an already great platforming. You can now spin and hover across the game's perilous chasms and platforms, adding an appreciated layer of interest to how you tackle the game's diverse level designs. From castle dungeons to deep-sea beds, New Super Mario Bros. boasts all the classic locales of its series history and feel just as satisfying to speed through or meticulously wade through to collect every coin and power-up. Star coin collectibles are also back by the hundreds and players will enjoy finding them behind every nook and cranny of the Mushroom kingdom. Multi-player has a new brand of teamwork to the formula and works well if your teammate isn't a complete jerk who CAN TOSS YOU into pits and spikes. Outside of that, multi-player can be seen as the reason for New Super Mario Bros. and that extra layer of depth that gives this Mario Bros. version the edge.

Final Call:

Many people applaud this game as an instant Gameinformer gold and I would agree. New and old generations should always have a Mario Bros. in their lives and this one is an especially good testament to the past while remaking it to fit the future. New Super Mario Bros. Wii does all that and while it may not be radically different, it rightfully preserves all of its old-school advantages while making a game that can appeal across a broad spectrum of audiences. Play, relax, and enjoy.