If you have ever played a mario game, you know what this is about. Princess Peach is captured by Bowser, Mario comes to Peach's rescue by platforming through several worlds and killing Bowser's minions along the way. The classic formula stays the same, but with a twist. The multiplayer option is definitely the best and your friends will help you get past levels faster then you trying the game solo. I played with my sister, who almost never plays video games, and while frustrating in the beginning, I sometimes ended up on depending on her to beat levels.

All the powerups add creative gameplay, (you'll love the propeller hat). you won't get tired of any of the levels, I even decided to replay them for the 100% completion. I just had one complaint, which is that the difficulty was set a little too low. I breezed through pretty much all the levels in no time, and got stuck on a couple of extremely tedious ones. Despite the difficulty problem, Nintendo doesn't fail to bring another great Mario platformer to it's system, and the fun comes to a broader audience with the option to play with friends.