Who doesn't love mario? whether it be mario beating up bowser and saving peach for the one millionth time, mario facing is rival sonic in an olimpic match to the death (not really), or just mario having fun in a mario party, no one can hate the red capped hero. This game is no different. As a follow-up to the DS version, new super mario bros wii goes some places that it's predecessors might have never thought of. The most obvious of these, four player "co-op" mode. I had to put it in parentheses, for many times you will accidently (or purposely) send your partners to their doom, only to have them come back in a magic bubble of sorts and get you back. then the whole screen will go to chaos.

One thing that the DS version didn't do is spread out the variety of power-ups. Something that the wii version capitolized on, spreading power-ups in very oppertune places and even adding two brand new power-ups. The propeller mushroom quickly became my favorite power-up, and the penguin suit ended up being a more mulit-purpose version of the ice flower. All in all, the power-ups were a huge sucess.

The gameplay and level design were also incredibly well thought out, giving them the classic mario charm, and providing the perfect amount of challenges for more experience players in the form of star coins. The storyline is the same, but they change enough of the things to make it feel origional. Although the storyline, as usual, boils down to "sorry, mario. the princess is in another castle".

To wrap this up, I will say that if you are a fan of mario, a fan of the wii, or a fan of hilarious four player side-scroller platforming, new super mario bros wii can be found at you nearest gaming store if it hasn't already been sold out.