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  • Blog Post: It doesn't push any boundaries, but it's familiar and refreshing offering makes for one of the best Wii U launch titles!

    "It's yet another familiar entry into the New Super Mario Bros series. But it's definitely the best so far." Last year has been a significant one for the New Super Mario Bros series, since Nintendo had released two games of it in that year. That isn't to be said it was a very good... More
  • Blog Post: Our princess is in her own castle

    Since the DS Nintendo has known that New Super Mario games sell, and this time that put that knowledge into strategy, releasing New Super Mario Bros. U on day 1 with the Wii U. Nintendo also knows not to mess with the formula. NSMBU is like the rest of the side-scrolling Mario games: a blast to play... More
  • Blog Post: New Mario U - Same Game, New Tricks

    While I have enjoyed the New Mario series, I was not a huge fan. Yes it provided me with my platforming fun, but it seemed to miss something. I was not a fan of the single world maps, which has been around since Mario 3. While it worked in that game, after Super Mario World, I personally thought they... More
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