When the first game in the New Super Mario Bros series was released it was amazing. A 3D Mario game in a 2D plane. The the Wii version was released and introduced 4 player chaos. It was different but yet still felt very similar to the DS game. Then the 3DS version came out. Even though it was now in 3D and has some new features it felt way too similar to the DS game. I didn't like it that much, and it was starting to get burned on the New Super Mario games. But I had to play the Wii U game when I finally got a Wii U. This game is so much better than the ones that came before it. It looks amazing and the new Flying Squirrel suit is so much better than the ridiculous helicopter hat from Wii. The worlds aren't all left to right in the overworld, but interconnected, making a continent rather than just stages. Game play get challenging after a while, but it is expected to. The only thing I could want more from this game, and this series for that matter, is an actual flying power up. I want something that rivals the Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World flying power ups. The flying squirrel is a very nice addition, but it doesn't fly (unless you get the P Acorn from the Nabbit). 

If you are a fan of the retro Mario titles, or want to destroy a friendship with 3 other friends, then this is a game you need to play. Entertaining fans and destroying friendships is what this game was made for.