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  • Blog Post: Coin-Crazy Mario Platforming

    Are you looking for a great Mario platformer? Do you love collecting coins? Are you a fan of the "New" series? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, New Super Mario Bros. 2 might be the game for you. With over 90 levels, tons of coins, and the brand-new coin rush mode, this... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2 - who needs change anyway?

    A little note to those of you who have chosen to read this review: this is a serious review (although at times it may not look like one) and a serious 10/10. I'll make my case for NSMB2 , but I don't think you'll find anything here that you haven't read about Mario games yet. Anyway,... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2

    The New Super Mario Bros. series debuts on the 3DS with an entry that is only marginally new but still pretty super. Running, stomping and sliding through the Mushroom Kingdom feels as good as ever and now you can team up with a friend for some handheld co-op. Of course, the main goal is to advance through... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo's Fall From Grace

    When I was a kid, and the Atari 2600 was the console I was stuck with, I used to go the the local electronic store and just stare at the Super Mario Bros box for hours. I would imagine what it would be like to play the game that is taking the world by storm. When I get back home, the Atari looked like... More
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