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  • Blog Post: It's fun but not a memorable Super Mario game and it's big focus on coin collecting may or may not be to your liking.

    New Super Mario Bros 2 is a fun game but not a memorable Mario title and doesn't have the magical feeling that 2D Mario games in the past have had,not because NSMB2 has much wrong with it,but it's because it feels like the typical 2D Mario game I've played many times. It's level designs... More
  • Blog Post: NSMB2 is da Bobomb

    Ok so stop listening to cranky gamers writing lame reviews and havent even finished the game or flipped it. I can tell by many reviews the person didn't even finish the game.I beat the game and still haven't flipped it. I have two worlds I didn't even open let alone a Star World. Beating... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2: Can you Teach a Plumber New Tricks?

    New Super Mario Bros. undoubtedly gave a welcome rebirth to the classic Mario platformer, and with arrival to the 3DS last year with New Super Mario Bros. 2, it continues its formula with general success. Sticking to a safe formula to be sure, this latest New Super Mario Bros. handheld still manages... More
  • Blog Post: Coin-Crazy Mario Platforming

    Are you looking for a great Mario platformer? Do you love collecting coins? Are you a fan of the "New" series? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, New Super Mario Bros. 2 might be the game for you. With over 90 levels, tons of coins, and the brand-new coin rush mode, this... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2 - who needs change anyway?

    A little note to those of you who have chosen to read this review: this is a serious review (although at times it may not look like one) and a serious 10/10. I'll make my case for NSMB2 , but I don't think you'll find anything here that you haven't read about Mario games yet. Anyway,... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros 2: Fun, but unoriginal, it's not quite Mario we know and love!

    "Fun, but totally lacking in originality, New Super Mario Bros 2 is one of Mario's weaker outings, which of course doesn't mean right away it's bad." There is a big gap between the old classics and the New Super Mario Bros games. While the old ones are full of awesome memories,... More
  • Blog Post: JordanTheGamer Generation 2.0 Reviews: New Super Mario Bros 2.

    It seems like yesterday ago we were playing the original Super Mario Bros back in 1985. And then, in 2006, we got our hands on New Super Mario Bros, an attempt to introduce the younger generation to Mario. And it worked. So much, that they made a Wii version, and there's an upcoming new version titled... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2

    The New Super Mario Bros. series debuts on the 3DS with an entry that is only marginally new but still pretty super. Running, stomping and sliding through the Mushroom Kingdom feels as good as ever and now you can team up with a friend for some handheld co-op. Of course, the main goal is to advance through... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2: All Coins, No Creativity

    With the 2012 Olympics having recently come to an end, you would think we could all put our “go for the gold” attitudes to the side for a while. But just as we all attempt to quell our gold lust, New Super Mario Bros. 2 tempts us into relapse. As the sequel to 2006’s New Super Mario... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2 rating

    I gave this a 9 because the gameplay is certainly a 10/10,but the sound I would give a 9/10. More
  • Blog Post: Another Great Mario

    This game is great. If you, like me, were dying for a 2D Mario side-scrolling game for the 3DS then you'll finally be given it. The game's focus on collecting a million coins is definitely a nifty idea and I for one love doing it. Many think it's nothing more than a gimmick but in my opinion... More
  • Blog Post: Mario!

    This is one of the best Mario games I have played. Even though I suck B@lls at Mario, I still find it fun :D It's a me, Mario! More
  • Blog Post: "When I get older, losing my hair..."

    I have been playing Mario games, both traditional and sports/karting/party games, since I was 4 years old. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of the Mario series and it remains my second favorite series of all-time (only behind Gears of War, that is). Super Mario Galaxy 2 is even my favorite Wii game... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo's Fall From Grace

    When I was a kid, and the Atari 2600 was the console I was stuck with, I used to go the the local electronic store and just stare at the Super Mario Bros box for hours. I would imagine what it would be like to play the game that is taking the world by storm. When I get back home, the Atari looked like... More
  • Blog Post: Time for Something a Little Different

    The game does exactly what it is supposed to do, that is, the same thing it has been doing since 1984 or whenever. I don't think that this is a bad thing but Mario doesn't need a change of what it does; more that it needs a different art style from time to time. The thing that made the NES and... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Mario Bros Super isn't that bad

    OK. So, It's better than previous 2D mario plataformers, and most people don't own all mario games, so why don't you rate the game for WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS??? For the score, I'll just give it a little more than I would give New Super Mario Bros because I imagine it's better because... More
  • Blog Post: Now that I've played through a good portion of the game...

    Update: Even though done by the junior Mario team, this is still an excellent platformer if you're not tired of Mario games yet. Perfect controls, great level design, and a new hook to collect as many coins as possible per level combine to make a great handheld side-scrolling Mario game. The inclusion... More
  • Blog Post: i was expecting a grade review not a complaint .

    i enjoyed the nsmb on wii and other way before that, and i like the new creative things they mix in the world of mario. keep up the good work! AND CANT WAIT TO PLAY! More
  • Blog Post: I'm glad I borrowed the game first.

    I have been playing Mario since 1990 on my NES. There hasn't been anything changed in this game since the last release. The game looks overly pixelated...with the advancements being made on portable iPhone games the games for the 3DS MUST at least compete. They don't. The graphics are edgy and... More
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