Ok so stop listening to cranky gamers writing lame reviews and havent even finished the game or flipped it. I can tell by many reviews the person didn't even finish the game.I beat the game and still haven't flipped it. I have two worlds I didn't even open let alone a Star World. Beating the game quick means nothing. You have 5 stars to gain on your opening screen...5 shiny stars if your good.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the same in the way Tetris and Tic Tac Toe is the same. Your going in to play a updated version of the same mechanics. In this case platforming. So now that you know what your getting into Super Mario is not about story...its about action. Don't get it twisted NSMB2 has a great story. A twist in how the whole game and story progresses. You'll be surprised. 

What's new? A built in coin counter. Now you know exactly how many coins you collect. Also new power ups...the Golden Flower and Brick Head Mario(my own name) plus the return of Fire Flower, Racoon Leaf, Mini Mushroom and the classic Mushroom.

All new programers worked on this (read Iwata ask NSMB2) game and the results are fresh, crisp and modern. Careful how you proceed cause if you run thinking you know the pattern you'll die quick. Levels have been tweaked and filled with secrets galore.

Do yourself a favor and dont read a walkthru or guide until a year. Ask a friend play with a friend. Beat the game for once in yr life. Earn your title of gamer. I am...



june 8th i wrote the above review. Todays july 20th 2013. Yesterday i opened the mushroom and flower worlds. I used no guide or help. Straight up opened the cannons. Um..yeah...reviewers havent even flipped the game.  If they're playing sandbox games all day how do they have time to put in the hours it takes to beat a mario game? No hate i love sandbox games just read more than one review to get a accurate idea of how a game is. some reviwers are bias. NSMB2 is a classic. Dont miss out.