It seems like yesterday ago we were playing the original Super Mario Bros back in 1985. And then, in 2006, we got our hands on New Super Mario Bros, an attempt to introduce the younger generation to Mario. And it worked. So much, that they made a Wii version, and there's an upcoming new version titled New Super Mario Bros U. But what about the portable, you may say? Nintendo is giving the 3DS all it has with New Super Mario Bros 2. And for sure, it has to be one of the year's best games so far. And I'm going to tell you all the right reasons for it.

Graphics- I loved personally how the game looked and felt. I owned and played New Super Mario Bros, and the graphics were darn impressive given the DS capabilities at the time. But in New Super Mario Bros 2, there are wide variety of locations you visit. From a grassy-plains, to castles with lava everywhere in sight, it has plenty of variety in it.

A big question here, is that does the background really blur when you turn up the 3D Effect? Well, the answer would be a yes. However, I didn't mind it much when having it on 3D mode. It actually might have been a bit distracting to see backgrounds when having the 3D effect on. So, it's honestly that big of a deal if you look at it that way.

Gameplay- In New Super Mario Bros 2, there are mostly game play elements that are similar to newer Mario games. You have the same power-ups, such as Fire Flower and Mushroom, but there are a couple of new ones in play. There's a golden Fire Flower, which makes you hurl fireballs, but they turn bricks into coins and enemies will fall but you also earn coins! Then there is the weird tail thing (I know it's name, I just call it that.) which allows you to fly up in the air for a limited amount of time. If you really do suck at a level and die 5 times, you'll earn the golden weird tail thingy, which makes you like your not touchable, but you can die to the goop hands of purple goop and the fiery hands of lava.

Story- There isn't alot to say, but Peach gets taken away by the Bowser's minion's. And you go to chase through 6 worlds. (2 secret, one you get at the end of the game, making a grand total of 9 worlds. But there's another reason: to get a million coins along the way. So far, I've reached about 100,000 coins, which is displayed through a handy little coin counter you see in the title screen.

What About Coin Rush!?- In New Super Mario Bros 2, there is a mode called Coin Rush. As you progress thorough the main story, you unlock levels that you can play in Coin Rush. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible, all while avoiding running out of time! Nintendo said there will be paid DLC for the game, but other than that, there pretty mum about it.

Sound- The soundtrack is a toe-tapping one. From the techno beats of the first world, to sandy dunes, to the sounds of coins everywhere, the "wahs" are not at all annoying.

Final Word- New Super Mario Bros 2 is a adventure with style, and it's one of the biggest platformers i've ever seen in my history of gaming. if you have a 3DS, go pick this one up right away. And if you don't, go get one so you can play it!

JordanTheGamer 4.0