This game is great. If you, like me, were dying for a 2D Mario side-scrolling game for the 3DS then you'll finally be given it. The game's focus on collecting a million coins is definitely a nifty idea and I for one love doing it. Many think it's nothing more than a gimmick but in my opinion it's more than that. I've always been obsessed with collecting coins in Mario games, I remember getting this agitated feeling when watching my friends play Mario and they would just fly by all these coins, I HAD to grab as many coins as possible in each level. I'm also surprised to see how many people and reviewers are complaining how this game is the same old thing again. Um, hasn't Mario ALWAYS been about doing the same thing in every game? Save Princess Peach and collect coins and gain awesome power-ups to defeat foes along the way to doing that. I don't know, you should just consider the fact that maybe you're sick of Mario period. I'm loving it so far and think Nintendo released a great Mario game as usual and I can't wait to hit a million coins. I would definitely recommend this title to Mario fans everywhere, it's not really a hard decision. If you've been eager for a side-scrolling Mario for the 3DS, then buy it. And if you are truly worried about how Nintendo is handling Mario, then watch the E3 2012 video where Satoru Iwata interviews Takashi Tezuka about New Super Mario Bros. 2/U, it'll help reinforce your confidence in them. You can tell that they really do care for Mario and aren't just interested in making a quick buck.