Update: Even though done by the junior Mario team, this is still an excellent platformer if you're not tired of Mario games yet. Perfect controls, great level design, and a new hook to collect as many coins as possible per level combine to make a great handheld side-scrolling Mario game. The inclusion of well-hidden secret worlds add to the fun and challenge. Where's Yoshi?


I'm not sure why people are rating a game that hasn't even been released yet. It's as if they think they can read reviews from industry people who receive early review copies and make their own critique out of it. My 8.25 simply reflects what the IGN editor gave it since he's the only one here who's played it. So it doesn't innovate, apparently. Collecting 1,000,000 coins leads to some lame reward (rumors say a different title screen- I would be mad if that's it.) But until gamers get their hands on it, and possibly discover something the editor's overlooking, we won't know what the majority response will be to NSMB2. Until then, chill and keep on gaming.