With no more Boos to bust, Luigi sets out on his own platforming adventure.  

Possible advertisements aside, Luigi has always been my favorite Nintendo character.  Perhaps it's that green is my favorite color or that his nervous and shaky attitude mirrors my own.  Either way, he's always held a special place in my part.  And now, after years of neglect and overshadowing, Luigi is put in the spotlight, and this time not in an eery mansion, but instead a platforming world similar to Mario's, which is ultimately one of New Super Luigi U's weaknesses.

Have you ever played New Super Mario Bros. U?  If you answered yes, then the story remains exactly the same, only that Mario is nonexistent.  Luigi and two Toads, plus Mario's hat, join Princess Peach in her castle for a feast.  Well at least until a giant mechanical Bowser hand interrupts and flings Luigi and the two Toads all the way across the Mushroom Kingdom to the first platforming world of eight.  It's a simple concept from the Mario universe that is nearly timeless.

Additionally, if you've ever played a 2-D Mario platforming game, then you know how this works.  You play as Luigi as you jump from platform to platform, dodge projectiles, jump atop varying enemies' heads, and meanwhile try to obtain any items that can aide you in an way.  There's no gameplay aspect that truly separates it from New Super Mario Bros. U.  You can play one of three ways: with the Wii Remote, the GamePad, or the Pro Controller.  While I used the GamePad most of the time, which works solidly, the Wii Remote is generally more reliable given its compactness.  It's also clear that the 2-D Mario/Luigi games were designed with the Wii Remote in mind.  However, one positive aspect about New Super Luigi U (and New Super Mario Bros. U for that matter) is that, when playing with the GamePad, the gameplay can also be seen on the GamePad at all times.  Do you need to go to the bathroom but want to still play the game.  No problem.  Just take the GamePad with you.  However, this is not new.  It was seen last November, which is a significant reason why New Super Luigi U fails to breathe fresh air into the 2-D platforming genre, or more specifically New Super Mario Bros. U.

What New Super Luigi U does successfully, and exceedingly so, is amping up the difficulty.  I'll be the first to admit that New Super Mario Bros. U was not a difficult game, unless you were going for the Star Coins of course.  That is excluding any extra modes that came with the game.  The main mode was not very difficult.  New Super Luigi U certainly turns that on its head.  While adding an abundance of enemies and more difficult levels all-around, it's hard to ignore the shortened time limit.  It has been shortened to 100 seconds.  While this may sound like plenty, it's not.  Granted, I only died a few times because of the time limit, but I also barely finished levels considering the time limit.  Luigi is also a challenge to control sometimes.  I've noticed this in the 3-D Mario platformers as well.  While Luigi might be a pro at jumping, he has a hard time stopping himself after running, causing him to fall off edges and barely touching enemies.  It's very frustrating, leading to even a continue, but it is possible to adapt to all the gameplay changes.  

Unfortunately, New Super Luigi U doesn't come with any surprise supplements.  It doesn't even come with the additional modes seen in New Super Mario Bros. U, which is something I found odd.  However, it is, at heart, DLC.  I didn't come in expecting much new content.

New Super Luigi U comes in both physical and downloadable forms.  The physical copy of the game comes at a $29.99 price point while the downloadable version goes for $19.99.  It's obvious that you should get the downloadable version of the game because I do recommend it.  For twenty dollars, it is hard to pass up such a great platformer that puts our favorite plumber's brother in the spotlight.  It might have the same exact concept as New Super Mario Bros. U, but its gameplay is as entertaining as ever.  I personally bought the physical copy for multiple reasons, which is still a good deal at thirty dollars, but if you're considering buying the game, get the downloadable version.  You will not regret it.