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Whet Your Beta Appetite With New Neverwinter Trailer

Perfect World is giving players a chance to check out Neverwinter's beta later this week, and they've released a new trailer for the game. It shows off a massive undead siege, which may or may not go off as planned.

The game's beta starts this Friday, giving players a chance to access three of the game's five character classes (rogue, cleric, and fighter), as well as game content up to level 30. If you haven't yet signed up for the beta, go to the game's official site. If you'd rather guarantee entrance to the beta instead of hoping for the best in a random drawing, you can buy one of the game's founder's packs

For more information on the game itself, check out our interview with producer Andy Velasquez.

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  • sweet hell yea

  • That was the least threatening siege I've ever seen!
  • it looks like a great game

  • Is it just me, or was that really cheesy? I mean, the facial expressions were almost the same in every action sequence, which made me giggle.
  • This looks somewhat interesting.

  • Neverwinter is great!

  • im kinda sad that you reminded me this game existed. went to the site and saw that the only way to play as a drow is buy that ridiculously priced founders pack. i wouldve been ok if there were no drow in the game at all, but having the best race be exclusive is kinda ***.
  • This looks cool.

  • which may or may not go off as planned.19

  • The graphics look really good although it's hard to believe any of that was gameplay. I'm wondering if the long download and heavy price tag for founder status is really worth it.

  • I have to agree that was one weak siege. the slow stumble of a skeleton horde is going to walk through that one convenient break in the wall.... ya right lol

  • If that was Valandria she looks just as I imagined she would
  • that woman looked like a female Lich King (Queen i guess)

  • Oh ho ho, yes.

  • I truly hope people take the time to at least check out a Facebook created page called "Neverwinter Alert".  Naturally its a free country, but you should at least be aware of Perfect World Entertainments fraudulent activities and the company deploying an army of sponsored players to cheat customers.  Please be careful when making purchases with the company.