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What To Expect In the Upcoming MMO

We’ve been curious about Neverwinter for some time now. Cryptic Studios is behind MMOs like City of Heroes, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online, and the team is now trying its hand at the Dungeons & Dragons universe. With new publisher Perfect World backing them, we were curious how the game is shaping up for its release in the first half of next year, and we chatted with lead producer Andy Velasquez to get the scoop. 

What sets Neverwinter apart from other online role-playing games? Do you think of it as an MMO or something different from that?

We’re absolutely an MMO. We’re a free to play, action combat MMO. Those are the key touchstones for what we think will set us apart. With free to play, obviously the MMO market is skewing heavily that way. We’re trying really hard to approach developing this game the same way we would a subscription game. We’re trying to buck those preconceived notions out there from players that free to play is crappy, or free to play is eastern-style money-grubbing stuff. We’re developing a fun game in the same way that we developed our previous subscription models. We just believe that this is the right way to monetize moving forward with our genre. 

Action combat is our big focus for the moment to moment gameplay. We’ve made here at Cryptic Studios four MMOs that have done more traditional combat. So our take on action combat is obviously an in-vogue thing to be doing right now for MMOs. We feel like we’re approaching it in a more sure way. Other MMOs that are doing action combat take MMO-style combat in gameplay and skew it faster by lowering cool downs or changing to mouse-look targeting. We’re trying to make a fun action combat game and just happened to put that in an MMO setting instead of a third-person, single player RPG. In our totally biased opinion we feel that when we play our game versus Guild Wars or Tera, it feels more like an action game. And obvioiusly, D&D is a big pull for us. We’re in the Forgotten Realms, which is the most famous of all the D&D subworlds. There’s Dragonlance and Greyhawk and all of this other stuff. Forgotten Realms is where Drizzt and Wulfgar, all these iconic characters come from. The surrounding area is where Baldur’s Gate took place, so we’re able to leverage all that lore and built in fanbase a lot with this product.

You’re also coming off of the legacy of a previous existing franchise in Neverwinter Nights. What elements would you say the game shares with Neverwinter Nights? 

To be clear, we’re not Neverwinter Nights 3 or anything like that. We happen to take place in the same city of Neverwinter. We do, like you mention, get to call upon all the same backstory and lore. You’ll see locations that if you’re a big fan of Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2. It’s the same with the Neverwinter woods; we have zones that take place out there, there will be a lot of contextual similarities. In terms of the gameplay experience probably the biggest key we took from those games was our foundry system, which is user generated content. Those games had huge followings with their Aurora toolset, people modding the game and offering out new modules constantly and there’s still, last we checked, thousands of people still playing Neverwinter Nights 1 mods. So we have in our game the Foundry, which we just revealed at the last PAX. We did behind the scenes demos of it and showed people how users can make content in our toolset that other MMO players will get to play right in our persistent world. So you can imagine if you played WoW or something that running around doing a Blizzard made mission right next to someone else whose running around doing a mission that you have made in that world. So that’s a big take away from that first series of games.

Are there some limits on that tool set? I remember that aurora toolset within Neverwinter Nights was pretty expansive in terms of giving a lot of options to people. Where do you guys think you fall in that sphere?

So, our approach to the Foundry has been accessibility first, but power as well. The thing with the Aurora toolset is that they’re all so complicated you have to watch hours and hours of tutorials just too even make anything. So what we wanted to do is strip that away a little bit. I think there have been a couple of videos that we put out that show a little bit of editing, but you’ll be able to see how easy it is to get in and move things around. We’re really trying to make it so you don’t have to watch those hours and hours of tutorials. That’s not to say we are shirking away from giving people a lot of control. Say you want a particular kit  and you have a bunch of L turns and T turns and straight hallways and you can snap them together like Legos and you drop in what monsters you have in there. You can change the text on those monsters, and you can change the name of those monsters. The approach to how the user interfaces all this is that we’re really trying to push that accessibility angle, but still have a lot of that power and control that people will be expecting coming from that legacy of the Aurora toolset. 

What’s the story line going on with Neverwinter? I know the realms have the big kind of shake up when they moved  to 4th edition with the Spell Plague. Give me a little since of what you guys are exploring in terms of the story line with this game. 

It’s actually cool because we get to work with Wizards of the Coast constantly on this. We have a weekly phone call where we get to nerd out about like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Valindra did this?”  We have a main overarching storyline that has to deal with Valindra Shadowmantle. 

From the R. A. Salvatore Neverwinter books?

Yeah she’s messing around in those books a little bit too and she’s in the Neverwinter campaign guide and that’s one of the things that were I was mentioning before; we get to draw on the IP a lot. It’s really awesome because our characters are the same characters that you know from these ancillary products as well, and we get to explore them even further . If you are a fan of those books then you will see Valindra and be like, “Oh that’s the chick that Drizzt was running up against!” 

So she is your main villain?  

She is the main villainess, and the cool thing it that she’s kind of the one that drives the over arching story line, but then we also get to send you to a bunch of different places that we’re calling our adventure zones. So you go to, for example, the Neverwinter Woods and interact with the Uthgardt Barbarians and so you’ll get a pocket of gameplay there that’s about four hours or so that deals with that story line. That will all then tie back into the main thing with Valindra, but we have tons and tons of those little vignette-like storylines that are happening throughout the progression of your character through to the next level. 

What’s the big threat here? What’s Valindra out to do?

She is trying to raise a Dracolich; if you read the Drizzt books there was something going on with the Dread Rings and Thay is trying to wipe out all of humanity – she has some involvement in that plot. 

[Next up: How does Neverwinter match up with D&D rules, and how will the game be monetized?]

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  • So I've never actually gotten into D&D. What's the whole deal with it that makes it so much better than other RPGs?
  • Sounds good... F2P... So I'll give it a shot.

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  • I love Forgotten Realms books; it's a shame I'm kind of uninterested in the whole fantasy MMO's now. I guess I'm burnt out.
  • MMO and F2P my two least favorite words..

  • Cryptic just doesn't instill me with faith after Champions and Star Trek. And they left City of Heroes early on, so they don't really get the credit for that.
  • Two things. 1) My experiences with DDO has taught me that I expect A LOT from any D&D game. I will definitely try this MMO but I will wait a long time before i sink my teeth into it to make sure they have developed a lot more content. I am pretty sure the content they will go live with will not be enough to keep me entertained for more than a month. 2) I don't like the sound of "X fighter, Y rogue, Z wizard". The best thing in D&D is customisation. If they pigeonhole classes to specific roles, I will not like the game (because it's D&D). I want to play my Wizard the way I want, not as a controller or whatever.
  • I really dig the new Forgotten Realms books leading up to the Neverwinter MMO, I'm looking forward to bumping into characters from the books as I explore the world myself. I also hope that Neverwinter does one thing differently than DDO and includes monks as a core class at launch. I'm sure I could make due playing another class for a while but monks are hands down my favorite D&D class, having to wait until the 3rd edition of the 4th ED. player's handbook for monks to be implemented in 4th Edition was brutal to say the least. I've no doubt Cryptic will introduce monks *eventually*, but I'd much prefer to not have to wait that long, or not at all.
  • Umm, you have a "font" error here:

    "We’ve only mentioned a few, the classes we’ve publicly announced so far; the Guardian Fighter, the Trickster Rogue and the Control Wizard. The races that we’ve publicly announced are Human, Elf, Drow, Halfling, and Half Elf. That’s one of those things that, there’s so many potential races and classes that we’ll just continue to expand out post our launch and just update with a new race, here’s a new class, it’s something that we absolutely have plans for.

    Given that you guys are shooting to be in the MMO space, even though you’re going free-to-play, you’re wanting to maintain the heritage of really high-end subscription based MMO, are you including some of those what some people would say are staple features of MMOs? Things like PvP arenas, large scale raids, and auction houses, or are you trying to move in a different direction than that?"

    You need to bold your question.

  • Oh, apologies but thought me commenting on an error and complimenting on the article would come across as backhanded so wanted to make another post.

    Thank you for asking these specific questions! I can say the Neverwinter Forum and Social Media community is paying attention to these articles and this was some of the first concrete information they got about specifics in the game (especially micro-transactions) as Cryptic releases gaming info first from game reporting sites like yours! Great work!

  • I'll try this out, but I'd much rather have NWN3. Still this looks like a nice diversion. I hope the foundry is good. I remember going into the toolset to make uber armor and weapons to just destroy everything in the NWN games. There's no power like ultimate power.

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  • if your reading this out there try to make the combat a little like baldurs gate dark alliance it was so muche fun and looked amazing.

  • Sounds like a sweet game!

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    *Please be advised this company has the potential to be dangerous outside of their own forums and controlled environments. As they have been known to passively intimidate/harass customers. Even suggesting to one customer they should "SLIT THEIR WRISTS AND KILL THEMSELVES". This is Perfect World Entertainment.