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Neverwinter Returns In New Trailer

See some of the upcoming Cryptic Studios Dungeons & Dragons game in action with the latest video of the game.

Neverwinter sounds like an interesting experiment in design concepts. Straddling the line between traditional online action/RPG and MMO, the game is attempting to bring the Dungeons & Dragons experience into a new generation of PC gaming.

Set about 100 years after the Neverwinter Nights games, Neverwinter presents a brand new city and its environs to explore. At launch, players will have a choice between five different character classes (Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard), but more classes are planned for release later on.

While some traditional MMO features, like an auction house, will show up, the game follows a basically linear campaign story.

The trailer reveals an inviting visual style that remains close to the fantasy aesthetic established in the pen-and-paper RPG. We'll be excited to see how Neverwinter comes together in the upcoming months.

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  • Looks interesting

  • Every Neverwinter game I play makes me sad that I'll probably never see Baldur's Gate III.
  • wonder what the game-play is going to be like. I would enjoy something resembling the PC version of the first Dragon Age. A little more fast paced then the average D&D game but with the ability to pause and go deeper as needed.
  • Looks fun. Hopefully it doesn't suck and is unique enough. Lots of RPG's coming out!
  • Well, the first Neverwinter not made by Bioware. It'll be interesting to see if Cryptic has what it takes to keep the franchise alive. In the realm of pen & paper the D&D took a heavy turn with it's 4th edition, the game is less of an RPG and more of a table-top ordinary game, so I can only think of how this transition will influence when making a PC/Console game based on it... Well, I hope they can make a good game, but it'll be hard to go on against Skyrim, Reckoning, Witcher 2, Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma and many others of the genre coming in the following months.
  • Looks cool so far, I'm hoping it comes out for consoles too since I doubt my computer would be good enough to run it, I also hope they add monks in as well.

  • I'm still burned by CO and shaking my head at STO.
  • If it's strictly MMO, then I'm finished with it. Will keep my eye out though. Loved NWN1 and 2, but that whole MMO thing is not my cup of tea. We'll see.
  • I've been waiting for someone to pull off a good linear MMO

  • I remember the first Balder's Gate. Blew my mind. If this can capture my imagination even remotely like that did, I'll be happy.

  • So his is an MMO? As in I would have to pay every month to keep playing? I might pass, even if it looks pretty darn cool.

  • Excellent, I'll be really curious to see what systems they retain and modify for this. I dig the old style D&D 3.5 D20 system but its obvious developers are trying to broaden their market by making once traditional rpg's a little more action-oriented. My hopes are up right now for this game.
  • hrmm, so many good rpg games on my radar.  Still, I suppose I could make room for one more.

  • Sounds pretty interesting with the MMO aspects. I think i may have my fill with this type of game after skyrim, dragon's dogma, dark souls, and kingdoms of amalur though.

  • Looks pretty good, but since it's an MMO, I doubt I'll ever play it.
  • I love me some Neverwinter.  Will keep an eye on this.  

  • Hmmm, I can't handle another fantasy MMO so I'll wait for more info before I'm sold.

  • The less it actually ends up being like an MMO, the more attention I'll give it, heh..

  • With the exception of that blue dragon, none of this does anything more than scream been there, done that.

  • No more mmo's with no substance other than running around i one giant spasm of newbierama with little kids spending their parents money.

    What happened to the writers, and a story lines that interest & entertain the customer?

    No more money pit games please!

    MMO needs to die! I miss the days of standalone servers