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  • Blog Post: Neverending Nightmares Coming To PlayStation 4 and Vita

    Matt Gilgenbilch, the creative director of Infinitap Games, has announced on PlayStation's blog that the psychological horror game Neverending Nightmares will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. Gilgenbilch stated that Ininitap is aiming for 60 frames per second on both... More
  • Blog Post: Absolutely Unsettling

    Neverending Nightmare’s director, Matt Gilgenbach, isn’t shy about sharing what inspired him to create the game: his personal struggles with depression and mental illness. A product of Kickstarter, the experience is meant to be an examination of depression and horror in an interactive environment... More
  • Blog Post: An Unsettling Adventure

    Neverending Nightmares has come a long way since its Kickstarter reached its funding goal last year . Part of its Kickstarter pitch involved a downloadable demo showcasing a bit of gameplay, but creator Matt Gilgenbach said that so many improvements had been made to the game since then that he is now... More
  • Blog Post: Psychological Thrills Await In Neverending Nightmares

    Earlier this week Retro/Grade creator Matt Gilgenbach revealed a Kickstarter campaign for his new game, Neverending Nightmares. Partially based on Gilgenbach's own struggles with OCD and depression, this horror puzzle game challenges you to decipher what is real and what is a manifestation of the... More
  • Blog Post: Neverending Nightmares Begins Its Kickstarter Campaign

    Neverending Nightmares, the horror game from Retro/Grade developer Matt Gilgenbach, has begun a Kickstarter campaign in order to complete development. Gilgenbach revealed Neverending Nighmares last month . It's a radical departure from his previous title which was a rhythm-shooter. Gilgenbach describes... More
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