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Konami Severs A Few More NeverDead Screens

More images surface of the Japanese publisher's quirky action game.

For those of you who haven't seen this game yet, NeverDead is the brainchild of Metal Gear Solid vet Shinta Nojiri and Rebellion Studios (Rogue Warrior, Aliens vs. Predator). To recap, this crazy plot stars an immortal with a dated fashion sensibility who works for the National Counter Demon Agency (my favorite government bureaucracy by far). His speciality? Using his dismembered limbs offensively and defensively to turn the tide of combat.

Check out the image gallery below, and if the screenshots pique your interest, check out our E3 preview.

NeverDead ships on January 31 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so you can keep your limbs attached to your body for at least another month.

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  • I kind of enjoy the visual style, but I haven't heard anything good from some of the previews I've read.

  • meh

  • No GOTY contender is called "NeverDead". Looks to be another Brink.
  • I... am unfamiliar with what I am seeing
  • I bet it will be cool to kill people when you are a HEAD !

  • It is a cool concept but it doesn't look that good. They shouldn't have made it a full retail game.

  • NeverDead was suppose to release back in September...a few more months of polish could really help this title out..we might have a quirky, sleeper hit on our hands
  • Severs because you can be dismembered? Or was it supposed to be serves?
  • Hu still not compleatly sold on the game.It is looking good though wonder whats i store for this games futer.

  • Which website skewered this game in a preview? Calling it increasingly frustrating and unfun...
  • The game looks cool and all... but we all know it's going to suck. Rebellion screwed up Aliens vs Predator, which is pratically made for video games.

  • Rebellion doesn't exactly have a deep roster of games that are.... well, playable.  And everything I've seen on this game made it look pretty generic... I'm going to predict a 6 or 7 as the final verdict

  • Really digging the art style of this game. Here's to hoping it will be good.(crosses fingers)

  • The National Counter Demon Agency? Maybe this game is set in an alternate timeline where Michelle Bachman is president.
  • There is nothing impressive I have read or seen about this game.  I don't have high hopes, quite frankly.

  • This is so weird.

  • I remember seeing this weird game at E3, it looks very, well weird...:S

  • Hope this end's up being as good as it looks!