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EA Releases The 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford's 2015 Mustang marks the sixth generation of the classic muscle car. If you can't afford to go get one yourself, you can still jump behind the wheel with EA's free Need For Speed: Rivals DLC.

Ford has teamed up with EA to release the 2015 Mustang DLC for free starting today. Get a glimpse of what this beastly machine can do in the trailer below.

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  • I wish I could have played this more, but I got bored of it really quick, at least EA is giving away free DLC.

  • EA and free DLC? I'm guessing I'll have to pay to actually use it in races.

  • I'm more excited about the 2015 F-150

  • I gotta say, that does look pretty sweet. Too bad I don't have this game yet.

  • My daughter loves this "sexy car"...

  • I would still choose a BMW.

  • Free DLC and EA?

    An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

    Got this on ps4 but I am having a hard time enjoying it.

    Sort of boring, the driving in gta5 is better in my opinion.

  • I wish they'd just make another Underground already.

  • I just bought this game & I am enjoying it a lot. I guess when the store updates Tuesday is when I can drive this.