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Need for Speed Rivals

See Need for Speed: Rivals Running On Both Next-Gen Consoles

EA is giving you the chance to see which version of Need for Speed: Rivals you think looks best. We’ve got footage of the game running on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Need for Speed: Rivals will be coming to PlayStation 4 next Friday, November 15, 2013. If you’re looking to pick it up on Xbox One, you’ll be able to do that alongside that console on November 22, 2013.

PlayStation 4


Xbox One

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  • I pre-ordered an Xbox One. Therefore, the Xbox One version looks better. That's how this works, right? If there're differences, we say the differences we side with are better? I think I'm getting this humanity thing down to a science.
  • All the fanboys here recently are disappointing me. I miss the days of good conversations about the game's and their differences. To me they look identical. However, this could change once we see the final product and not a low bit rate version online. I don't see that happening but it could. I think they released both videos to show everyone that they do look alike and perform alike because of how much people are making COD a big deal with it's dumb 720 vs 1080. It's still the same game and still looks decent.

  • i dont really give a toss. im getting a PS4 anyway

  • Well, I put a 10 year old kid to tell me which screen looks better, and I did not tell him what I was showing him or which one is what.... and he picked up the PS4 video over the xbox one.  Xbox one looks good though, I just think ps4 version looks better.

  • So biased THESE VIDEOS!!!! One lvl is bright and sunny nice greenery and the other dull deserts and snow. NO *** one looks better, what is this?

  • the lighting on XBox looks considerably worse!

  • If there's a noticeable difference between the two systems, I couldn't see it. And seeing as how I'm still playing on a 480p TV, it's a totally moot point for me anyways.

  • Not going to lie - I liked Most Wanted's cops a bit more.  Real police departments are going to have Paganis and stuff like that.  Maybe there'll be an option to drive a Crown Vic as a cop?

  • Main reason I'm a fan of Xbox is that the Dualshock controller has never felt right to me.  That's even before I played Xbox.  Not a knock against PS or anything, but that's just my preference.

  • they look identical to me  /:)

  • PS4 looked a tad bit better to me. What's weird is that if my memory serves, Dirt 3 on PC, which I got along with my GPU, looked better than both of these. I'll forget that when I'm playing my PS4 but it's bad that a several year-old game looks better than next-gen just because it was on PC. Although I've known it for years and so should everyone else by now, PC truly is the king when it comes to graphics. Luckily that's only one very tiny facet to what makes a game great.

  • i just can't beleive that they would put BLUR type weapons into a NFS game. franchise is done for.