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Need for Speed Rivals

See Need for Speed: Rivals Running On Both Next-Gen Consoles

EA is giving you the chance to see which version of Need for Speed: Rivals you think looks best. We’ve got footage of the game running on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Need for Speed: Rivals will be coming to PlayStation 4 next Friday, November 15, 2013. If you’re looking to pick it up on Xbox One, you’ll be able to do that alongside that console on November 22, 2013.

PlayStation 4


Xbox One

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  • they're asking for debate...of course sony...
  • I don't know if it's just a setting difference, but the fact that the UI on the Xbox One version jumps around like crazy is incredibly distracting. I'll be getting it for the ps4, but I really hope that UI shake is a setting for the sake of all Xbox One players.
  • The PS4 looks better, everybody knows that Xbone is weak.
  • Looks like ps4 is running just a bit smoother. But who cares for these minor differences! The game looks FUN.

  • Seriously, what's the deal with the wavy UI on the Xbox One?

  • This may sound like an extremely picky comment, but I am SOOO glad that the Xbox One box art doesn't have a stupid purple bar across the top denoting "Optional Kinect Features". I always hated that on my games. It always felt like an eye sore to me. Probably because I never liked the original Kinect.

  • All of these console shortcomings... PC wins.

    Glorious PC master race!
  • I would believe it if I was told that the footage is from current gen consoles. Honestly, I've only seen a slight improvement in graphics so far.
  • Hard to tell the differences, especially with the Xbox One version getting EMP'd every second.
  • .....maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention, but they look the same. Which is ok because it looks fantastic.
  • I just though of something- I want to get both and I if I go to the launch event at my local game stop for the PS4 I feel like i will be killed on site because I also like the Xbox. I have already been verbally assaulted by a few fan boys in real life.
  • Why don't they show the same map and car for the sake of comparison? Also the wavy UI on the xbox is annoying.
  • I don't see any difference, for me power doesn't mean everything because I think the motion of the HUD in the xbox one gives it an extra flare that I would enjoy more. So yeah I would pick this up for the one because I think the game play has a cooler look to it.
  • It looks the same to me..

  • Visually pretty close. The game however, looks like butt.
  • To everyone whining about the wavy UI in the Xbox One footage.

    There are these things called Electromagnetic Pulses, or EMPs. I know it's hard for people to find information on your own without being spoon fed but Need for Speed Rivals contains EMP weapons in multiplayer. Allowing you to disrupt other players UI.

    It's just convenient that only one video shows this while the other does not. It will be in both the PS4 and Xbox One versions and all other versions. Knowing is half the battle.
  • is the rumble trigger supported for this?

  • There is a much better quality video on game spot for the xbox one. I don't know what happened to this one but one on game spot is much better

  • PS4 looks a little better which I think will be the case in most games compared to xbox1. The differences are so small that it really doesnt matter.
  • They both look the same and amazing!

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