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Need for Speed Rivals

EA Gives Us A Glimpse of Progression

In a new trailer, you get to see Rivals' hectic action, both as protagonist Zephyr and playing as a rival cop. This one looks fast and furious.

We'll have to see how playing as both sides of the conflict affects the story, but either way the racing looks pretty amazing, and there appears to be many goals both small and large to keep you on the road.

  • Not gonna lie... After the last few games I had little hope for this game and no interest in it. After seeing this trailer though, I must admit I'm waiting to see how the reviews turn out as they now have my attention.
  • Looks great indeed. I hope it's a big enough leap from the last one and not as short story-wise.
  • Please be on the Ps Vita! I need more games!

  • This is the game that really got me interested in NFS again. I think I'm going to go back and pick up an older one to hold me over. Which will be doubly nice if this one doesn't end up being as good as it looks.

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  • Why not call it "Hot Pursuit 2"?