As you race through the ranks in Need For Speed Rivals, you unlock more car classes to match your racing style, but after you chose which car is right for you, the real personalization begins.

On EA's Need For Speed blog, lead designer James Mouat walks readers through the ins and outs of Need For Speed Rival's personalization system, which let's you trick out your cars in all kinds of cool colors. Players who get behind the wheel as a Redview County Police Department Officer will unlock different versions of each car depending on how they choose to play, since it would be strange to see a hot pink cop car streaking down the street.

Each car class has a unique visual style that reflects its performance. Patrol cars and base level cars that give general performance in all areas and will come with the standard RCPD livery. Sturdier Enforcer vehicles offer reinforced construction, and deal more damage when a car chase devolves into bumper cars. Enforcers feature more stylized RCPD livery to reflect their status.

Stay tuned for more details during EA’s Gamescom press conference taking place on August 20 at 8:00am PST.

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