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Need for Speed Rivals

PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer

If you want to play a racing game on your new PlayStation 4 then you'll need to play Need for Speed: Rivals. Check out the launch trailer to see what you're in for.

Race as a Cop or a Racer using EA's AllDrive system, which let's you play in both singleplayer or multiplayer. Check out the launch trailer for the PS4 version here: 

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  • Are you guys waiting for this to release on other consoles to put up a review?

  • It looks okay. Honestly though, I refuse to buy any NFS game until they add local multiplayer again. I miss it SO much.

    And on a side note: How come you guys posted about this launch trailer and the Gran Turismo "Start Your Engines" trailer. But didn't post anything about the Forza 5 launch trailer?
  • I remember getting NFS U2 for christmas in '04. Since then I haven't enjoyed the others as much but seeing I can play a cop might make it the first I get in about half a decade.
  • Not buying another till NFS Underground 3....where I can customize and tune a regular car instead of giving me a Buggati within a few hours of the I miss the first Underground

  • A disappointing 30fps on PS4 and X1, I guess I will play it on my PC.
  • NFS - a game without it's own style.

  • Am I the only one who thinks next gen game cover art looks cheap? It's so plain. But anyway, this game looks pretty good. Doubt I'll get it, but it looks like a solid racing game. The multiplayer thing scares me a bit, though. I don't want them to mix my singleplayer with my online.

  • This was one of the three launch day games I got for PS4.

    It's a pretty solid game. If you liked NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) or NFS: Most Wanted (2012), then you'll like this. I think it's a lot of fun and the new Alldrive system with seamless integration into multiplayer is really cool too. I'd probably give it an 8/10 after playing for a few hours, but of course that's subject to change. I'd definitely recommend it, though.