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Need for Speed Rivals

Playing High-Speed Cops And Racers

I’d like to blame Need for Speed: Rivals for turning me into a jerk, but maybe it was within me all along. As I raced across the roads of Redview County, I took every opportunity to make someone else’s life miserable. Whenever I saw the telltale icon over a car indicating that they were being driven by another player, my attention immediately shifted in that direction, like a laser pointer to a dog. Rivals is a racing game designed for griefers, and I loved every moment of it.

There are two paths in Rivals: the police and the racers. Each has its own career tree to unlock and liveries to upgrade, though you can swap between the two at will by visiting the game’s garage. Law enforcement focuses on incapacitating racers, either by ramming them enough or using gadgets like spike strips and EMP shockwaves. The racers, on the other hand, participate in – you guessed it – races, while doing their best to avoid getting nabbed by the cops.

That dynamic is interesting enough on its own, but it really comes to life in the multiplayer. It works in the background, pulling in six players who share the same world. Each person can do their own thing, activating AI challenges and races and progressing along their career tree. The cool part is how those events don’t happen in discrete instances. In other words, if you’re in the middle of a race and I’m nearby, I’ll see the race. And then I can pounce.

As a cop, I was encouraged to lay down those spike strips and bash a racer off the road. I had a fellow player alongside me. One interesting thing about the police path is that players are rewarded for cooperating. All of the police share the same reward for stopping racers, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to stick together and coordinate a strategy.

On the racing side, it’s all about individual glory. As I won a few races and evaded the police, I earned more cash. My heat level also increased, which acts like a score multiplier. There’s a nice risk/reward element at play, since players can choose to bank the points by visiting their garage. That resets the heat meter, though, so you'll have to earn it back. When the cops nab you, they get any unbanked points you have. The heat indicator that pops up above player-controlled cars (or AI, if you’re offline) is a nice sign of what you’re up against. Chances are, if you see someone with a level seven heat meter, they’re not going to be an easy mark.

Need for Speed: Rivals is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 15. 

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  • I've been seeing a lot of different articles with Need For Speed/Gran Turismo & even as a Playstation gamer I must admit that Forza is looking hella sweet. I love messing around in racing game's every once in a while but I think that Forza has caught my interest more then all of em.
  • I am curious about their customizations this time around. Is the level of customization similar to the level of days of old, (NfS Most Wanted and Carbon) or are they more in-depth than ever before? All of the newer racing games offer little to no car visual customization, which is why I have stopped playing racing games. I simply wanna know if I can make my car, my car. Thanks for the answers in advance!
  • I am so ready for this.

  • To be honest this game doesnt scream "next-gen"....until I see NFS: Underground I wont be buying another till then
  • not too excited for this, it looks nice but i think i'm going to move away from this series. too many NFS games for me.

  • do any upcoming next gen racing games have local split screen multiplayer? because i will be getting that one...if not i guess i'll go for need for speed because of the action twist

  • I want a Forza Knockoff for the PS4. I love that series and so far nothing equates to it on the Sony systems. I don't even care if it's called long as it has the customization and drift system.
  • Well I read a lot of info on this game & since the only time I played the need for speed series was on the psp. But for next gen this title has me excited because this wasn't on my radar but now gotta get this for sure Doods. PS4 day1 shipping I'm out!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL i like this first sentence "I’d like to blame Need for Speed: Rivals for turning me into a jerk" TOOO FUNNY but i can relate NFS is the only i have played that really AWESOME AND turns me into a jerk when someone tries to talk to me i yell at them to go away XD

  • That's an interesting looking Porsche.