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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay Video

Developer Criterion Games released a new gameplay walkthrough of Need for Speed Most Wanted. The video gives you a sense of the size of Fairhaven City and a look at some spectacular car crashes.

  • I loved Most Wanted on PS2, I might look into this.

  • Im feeling the need for speed

  • This looks really fun. It looks like its going to be a mix of Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise.
  • Game looks fantastic, however I dont know about the Burnout takedowns incorporated into this game. The first Most Wanted was by far the best NFS out of the lineup, imo
  • Are they reusing the subtitles on these game's names
  • Unfortunately, from what I've seen this is pretty much Hot Pursuit but with a different title. The crash animations are still there, there's no storyline like the original Most Wanted. Where is the slow down? I loved using that on a sharp corner to escape from cops and win races. If it's going to be called Most Wanted, at least TRY to take some elements from the game that inspired it.
  • The graphics on this game look really impressive. There doesn't seem to be any major leaps in the need for speed series. I personally haven't waver owned a need for speed game, just played at friends houses so I'm not the best person to be commenting on this game but I can say that it looks very cool and will allow hours upon hours of fun.
  • This looks sweet. Take the awesome racing of Hot Pursuit and put it in the open world epicness of Burnout Paradise!
  • Now this is the Need for Speed game I've been looking for.

  • I like racing games..but...what I dont like about these kind of games is that U are racing through the city...but there isnt a single person in the whole damn city..WTF????
  • It's a gorgeous looking game and their collision system is looking pretty impressive also. The car to car crash at around the 40 sec mark was incredible. I may just get this game. I've never been too big on racing games, especially ones that lean more on the arcade side, but this game just looks too fun to pass up.
  • anyone else notice the new test chamber appear for about a minute and said resource not found.....and it's completely gone now........
  • HAHA The end was soooo predictable...i just knew he was gonna hit that ramp...definitely pickin this game up
  • Yeah I think I was just sold.

  • Could be rad but those cops look really f#$king hard to lose. Hops it won't be a deal breaker..

  • Oh yeah, been waiting a long time for another Burn Out, er I mean, Need For Speed.
  • this looks awsome! when i get this game im just going to crash my car the whole time. ME GUSTA!

  • I can't wait for this. Looks almost like a reimagining of the burnout series. Criterion is amazing. CANT WAIT!!!

  • I suppose it looks enough like NFS.

  • one thing ive seen no information about is whether or not we can customize cars
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