I have to comment that I've had no troubles picking out objects on the tablet screen. Perhaps the official reviewer should have his eyes checked? The PC version of the game (the version on the WiiU) does have a bit of a different rhythm to it. Many PC gamers seem to think it's better than the console versions. I'm inclined to agree. Game Informer makes no mention of the visual improvements the pc/WiiU version has over the 360/ps3 versions.



For more information on this game, I highly encourage owners of a WiiU to see how others are ranking this game. Currently, GI gives it the lowest ranking of its competitors. To be fair, IGN hasn't reviewed it yet and every gamer knows how much IGN staff hates Nintendo. 


WiiU owners would also do well to check out The Nintendo Spot on Facebook or their own website. They have an exclusive video interview with the developers of the game that discusses the numerous improvements made to this game.

It is truly the best version of this game available.