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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Trio Of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit DLC Packs Revealed

Get all of the details on the new Armed and Dangerous, Lamborghini, and Porsche packs for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and watch a brand new trailer of it all.

The first DLC, Armed and Dangerous, will hit on February 22 and include two new modes. Most Wanted tasks cops with busting a specific racer while other racers try to protect him. Arms Race is described as "every man for himself as racers use their full arsenal of weaponry on each other in ruthless races to the finish."

Lamborghini Untamed releases the following week on March 1 with three new rides: the Lamborghini Diablo SV, Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV, and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Ten new events will also be included.

And the last part of the trio, Porsche Unleashed, lands a week after that on March 8. This pack includes the Porsche 911 Turbo (1982 Edition), Porsche 959, and 911 Speedster, and ten additional events.

All of the packs will cost $6.99 each (560 Microsoft Points) and will include new achievements and trophies. See all the upcoming action in the trailer below!

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  • Cool. I'll be bringing my PS3 somewhere I can hook it up to the internet to get this DLC.

  • Sesto Elemento... *barf* I thought Lambo could do no wrong, but that thing is an atrocity.

  • I need to start playing this one again.

  • This is a pathetic attempt to get your money... and yet. I'm so getting this.

  • This is cool. The Lamborghini and Porsche are my two favorite car makes already. And the Most Wanted mode looks like a fun add on for online play.

  • I was so hyped for this game.  Went out and bought it, came home, popped it in and was wholly disappointed.

    One thing that would have saved it is multiplayer free roam where friends could team up as cops and/or racers and go after each other or patrol as police together (while having random AI racers spread throughout the map to find).  

    As it is, it's just another point to point racing game with a cop car thrown in.  Heck, it almost feels like a cops and robbers Mario Kart with all the EMPs/helos/spike strips/boosts, etc.

    I was waiting for the first batch of DLC to see if they'd add a free roam mode... which they haven't...

  • i submitted a tip about this
  • i submitted a tip about this

  • So i guess there will be no PC version huh this NFS was the best i played since Most Wanted and maybe im a fan of the series

  • I sort of gave up on this game, one of the few that got me. I just don't seem to be good enough at it to where I can get gold without grinding races 50 times.
  • Fing cool! Thats DLC support!

  • Mod

    $7 is a pretty good price point, especially for two new game modes. other devs need to pay attention.

  • Sounds awesome, now how about local multiplayer!

  • Looks like I'll be hanging onto the Microsoft Points I have for just a bit longer...

    Those are some nice looking packs coming up.

  • not a big fan of racing games but this looks cool

  • 7 bucks for 3 cars is f*cking highway robbery