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  • Blog Post: NFS Hot Pursuit

    This game has ALOT of unlockable cars. The story mode is solid, but not that many people play online anymore. Limited Ed is beast More
  • Blog Post: Need for Speed Embraces its Roots in Latest Entry

    Have you ever wanted to live in a place where the only problem with society is illegal street racing, where everybody has fast cars, and the police are given million-dollar supercars just to smash into speeders? Look no further than beautiful Seacrest County, a wonderland of highways cutting through... More
  • Blog Post: Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit-A true fan's opinion on a fantastic game

    Hello everybody, well I'm here to write my personal review about Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It's been quite a awhile since a game with Hot Pursuit in it's title has hit the shelves, and this new remake of Need for Speed's epic cop/racer franchise has gave... More
  • Blog Post: NFS

    Need for speed was a great way to head into the holiday. The game is great. Hope NFS Hot Pursuit 2 is coming out soon. And 2 player co-op. Not just online play. That's the fun stuff i love. Hot pursuit two had it. I loved it. Please make it in NFS Hot Pursuit 2!!! More
  • Blog Post: Adrenaline Fuelled!!

    Best NFS game so far. The new AUTOLOG feature makes this game a keeper. Autolog keeps you playing the game even after you "thought" you had fully cleared or beat it. New challenges and DLC keep the game interesting and fun. By far, the most fun and action packed racing game 2010. Kudos to the... More
  • Blog Post: ark0014's Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Review

    A MUST BUY! THE BEST RACING GAME ON THE PLANET! The game is just a Jaw-Dropper! Gameplay: You take on the career as a cop or racer. There is a lot of cars to choose from. And Finally, we get to be the cops! Rating: 10/10 for gameplay. Graphics: Very good graphics. Excellent details in the graphics. Rating... More
  • Blog Post: need for speed hot pursuit

    The graphics are really good. Even the mountains in the background.Except no police car is a lambohrgini. More
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