Have you ever wanted to live in a place where the only problem with society is illegal street racing,  where everybody has fast cars, and the police are given million-dollar supercars just to smash into speeders?  Look no further than beautiful Seacrest County, a wonderland of highways cutting through beautiful landscapes that vary between snowy mountain cliffs and sandy exotic beaches.  Whether you decide to chase the dangerous life of a street racer or the police that pursue them, you wont regret your trip to Seacrest County.

 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit strips down the overburdened racing genre to its core and focuses on the thing that matters most, the race.  There is no open world driving, no virtual garage, and no cheesy story thrown on top.  The simple race selection map is easy to use and effective.  You are literally spending 95% of your time racing, there is no driving to and from race events, Hot Pursuit makes it easy and fast to get into the fun.  Hot Pursuit never tries to be something that it is not, and for that it deserves some admiration.  Unlike other games like GTA, Hot Pursuit does only one thing, and it does that one thing better than anyone else.  

In other racing games, victory depends more on the car you choose rather than you skill as a driver.  Not so with Hot Pursuit,  all of the cars in a particular class are competitive with each other so you are not pressured into picking the Bugatti every single race.  This could be seen as a negative however because sometimes it feels like the cars don't have that much of an identity. 

The AI is fantastic in Hot Pursuit.  Every race feels close. There hasn't been a single time where i took first on the opening stretch and stayed there for the entire time.  More times that not I was losing when the "One Mile To The Finish!" notification would flash on screen, and yet I would still take first just in time for a photo finish.  When you add the police into the fray the excitement grows exponentially.  In almost every race I had a unscripted water cooler moment.  There isn't anything quite like jetting through the tiny hole in a roadblock while the unlucky opponent ahead of you flips over your head because he smashed into a cop car at 200 mph.  In certain races you are allowed to use arcade like power-ups/weapons against other racers or the police, while these are cool as a novelty they aren't integral to the experience,  I enjoyed the races without power-ups just as much as I did the others. 

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit takes everything that is great from arcade racing games, and leaves behind all of the silly gimmicks that have plagued the genre for the last 10 years.  Between the beautiful vistas, high octane gameplay, and its excellent online support, Hot Pursuit leaves the competition in the dust.  Simply put I have not had more fun playing a driving game.