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NCAA Football 14

NCAA 14 Presentation Details & New Screens

As part of developer EA Tiburon's playbook series, today's reveal focuses on NCAA 14's presentation package and how it's going to streamline the user experience.

NCAA 13 was filled with college-atmosphere moments like mascots and traditional team-specific aspects, but the developers felt like it took up too much of gamers' time. If gamers skip through the pre-game intros, for instance, what was the point? Using that as a basis, NCAA 14 condenses its cutscenes but preserves all the flavor.

In its own way, there is actually more to see – it's just that it will be offered in shorter chunks. There are over 500 on-field "vignettes" (including some with more player chatter), more surfacing of stats, and a halftime show with Rece Davis and David Pollack talking about what's happened and what the teams need to do going forward.

The commentary in general has received an uplift, with more commentary breakdowns analyzing stats of multiple past drives.

Sticking with the fast and easy theme, getting in and out of menus will be easier with the new UI. It uses big panels for the main menu selections – moving away from the sweeping, ESPN TV-inspired menus of NCAA 13. Loading screens will also utilize time better by showing you stats and info while you wait.

Elsewhere, NCAA 14 will continue to try and keep up with all the crazy uniforms (including bigger and more frequent updates), and this year a highlight of players' uniforms is the representation of base layers and gloves.

The game now includes neutral site games like the Cowboys Kickoff Classic between LSU and TCU or Illinois vs. University of Washington at Soldier Field. NCAA 14 will also feature The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" and Kemkraft 400's "Zombie Nation."

NCAA Football 14 comes out on July 9 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more on the title's gameplay, as well as more screens and a trailer, head over to our previous preview.

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  • Definitely picking this up since the last one I bought was NCAA 11. Not digging the cover with Denard Robinson, but I definitely want to see the vastly improved San Jose State. Go Spartans!
  • Can't wait! The last one was great!

  • they get me every year, can't wait!

  • This year is looking good for sports games. I haven't played NCAA since 2010 but I may check this one out.
  • They could also include the ability to import a character that has gone through High School and College to the new Madden game. Why haven't they thought of doing that before or ever put it into a game....oh wait it was in NCAA/Madden 12.
  • i love how they show screens from inside replays, when we all know the game looks like ***. Just look at the fans in 13, they look like Nintendo 64
  • Looks good. I hope they make the game with the Infinity engine. I wont purchase any more EA games however I do own Madden 13 and the infinity engine is really awesome. It was pretty much a huge step up from previous madden title in the sense of collisions, how people tackles, and what determines if a player is actually able to catch a ball that in real life he shouldn't be able to catch.
  • this is a good game and franchise, but they meaning EA do not i repeat do not police these games, this being madden and ncaa i mean the cheaters are running the game, if you have college 2010-3013 look at the leaderboards and you will see the same names year after year with records like 130-0 or 77-0 or 99-1 and the lost came from the guy who was 129-0 its crazy, i was in the top 100 in 2011 but when i brought 2012 guys were glitching left and right and i stop playing then i bought 2013 first game online dude was glitching. it could be a good game if they police it and patch it at a timely manner. GEAUX TIGERS!
  • Cant wait for this game, really loved 13, by far the best one yet.

  • Not a football guy, but looks good.

  • They could also include the ability to import a character that has gone through High School and College to the new Madden game.

    Why haven't they thought of doing that before or ever put it into a game....oh wait it was in NCAA/Madden 12 and NCAA/Madden 11 and NCAA/Madden 10 and I think you get the point.

    I am sure it will be a "new feature" this year or next.

  • Not seeing and graphical improvement here
  • What will they do to mix things up this time around? Lol, I wonder...

  • I think i'm done with football games for a while. Although have to admit i do enjoy NCAA football games more than Madden. I bought Madden last year and that game was just broken. The engine was broken and online play is super laggy. It seems like 5/10 the game ends because my opponent was "excessively grieving."