I purchased 12 last year, and was quite impressed. Couldn't wait for 13. Then, here they would bring back some future heisman like RG3, Barry sanders, Desmond howard, made me even more excited. Then I got it. As much fun I had, his all felt alot similar. Other then heisman, and alittle better graphics, it's the same game.

Graphics are great. They still keep me wowed with all the great graphics. Music and commenting is pretty well.  Heisman mode was a blast playing. Some of my favorites playing was barry sanders and carson palmer. Thing is it hasn't change alot. Multiplayer is fun, and creating player is fun as well, but just like madden 12, they both changed a little, but not that much.

Overall, if your a sports fan, you need this game. Well you ask " I all ready have 12. What's the point of getting 13?" I would say sell 12, and get 13. Even though I said it hardly changed, it's still a little better then 12. So I would give NCAA 13 a

9 out of 10