With a full weekend complete with NCAA 13, I have to say that this years edition is more of the same. In many ways that is not a bad thing. If you have been playing the NCAA Football series  on this current generation many of the same problems are still around. Pass rushing with DE is next to impossible, the running is easy and the AI controlled teams will keep to many players at one position leaving gapping holes on the depth chart. But all hope is not lost, small improvements have been made to dynasty recruiting and a major improvement has been made to passing. The passing has seen the biggest improvement since the series got rid of the passing windows. You can lead receivers to the open spot which now opens up all sorts of routes which now makes most of the passing plays in the playbooks work for the first time. On the other hand I played on All American difficulty setting and I was able to hit the go route EVERY time, that was with the current players in the game. As my dynasty advanced I was able to get a fast WR to go with my big armed QB and the game was way to easy. Some of the improvements made to dynasty recruiting was a welcome sight. Now you get 20 hours to scout players when you first set up your recruiting board. This adds depth that was lacking with the older versions of the game when all you would do is just find the highest rated player and he would always turn out to be good. You can now find highly talented 2 or 3 star players by spending time scoutings them. This comes off uneven as some players need more time to scout then others making any attempt to scout the athlete position next to impossible due to the large amount of ability scores they have. The next major addition to the game was the Heisman challenge mode, where you pick any player from a list of past winners to attempt to win the Heisman with them. It sounds cool but just the thought of running around with some of these players in different offenses and on different teams just seems stupid. If you love college football there is enough in this game to keep you interested this upcoming season. 



Here are the 99 rated teams 







The 99 Rated defenses 





The only 99 rated offense belongs to USC.