This is a big a turnaround for this series.  A lot of people (myself included) felt that NCAA 09 (the first year they had online dynasty) was a step towards getting this franchise back to the glory days of the PS2 and XBox versions, only to be followed by NCAA 10, which was a step back and had tons of broken dynasty issues.  


Well, two months removed from release, NCAA 11 had some problems with player ratings and progression, but a series of tuner sets and patches have fixed most of those.  Plus, the visuals and on-field gameplay have never been better, thanks to the Locomotion engine and some improved controls.  Quarterbacks finally give you the sense that you can control how you lead receivers, but they wont always execute throws with laser accuracy (which is a big step towards realism).  


The running game is also vastly improved, with the right stick essentially controlling your lean and momentum.  Press it up and your bigger RB's will truck forward.  Pull it down and they hesitate.  Left and right on the R stick make the ball carrier either lean or juke in that direction, but not to the absurd level where they used to jump 3 yards sideways while running full speed.


In my opinion, the recruiting mini-games may be the best improvement.  The recruiting game itself has been given a "roulette" interface, where the recruit tells you what they want to talk about.  You then focus on your strengths, try to persuade them, or change the subject.  Also, the online website allows you to handle recruiting for your online dynasty, as well as post articles with pictures and videos.  

Simply put, while there may be better sports games in 2010/11, there won't be one that will give you more of a reason to keep coming back than NCAA 11.