While I agree with Game Informer about the new locomotion engine, I feel that they have rated this year's version of NCAA Football entirely too high.  Granted, I am referring to the factory settings of the game.  I have not tweaked the game, but I am playing it as it was presented to me.  I have played NCAA for years and I feel like this year's game after the snap is great, but there are some serious out of the package issues:

  • Audible menu is hidden
  • Hot routes menu is hidden
  • Poor blocking AI (it doesn't have to be perfect, but watching my sweep blocker run to the sideline even after I cut up field is a little silly)
  • Snap lag (Yes, I am playing the computer with the game installed on my hard drive)
  • Kicking lag
  • Clunky new User interface for picking plays.
  • Man in motion must always be set before the snap, unless preset in the play.
  • When are they going to address 60 yard field goals?  It's not even a challenge!
  • When the ref calls penalties, he's often not on the screen or a portion of his body is not included in the view.
  • Turbo buttons...really?  Is this the 90's and is this NBA Jams?  Why do games still have this?

There are some nice features:

  • Throwing on the run is less accurate than in the past
  • Keying receivers on defense is nice even if it doesn't have that big of an impact.
  • Running fluidity and using the right stick for more than just trucking.

I'm sorry, but there haven't been enough improvements to the game to call this thing a "9," much less justify a $60 price tag.  Sometimes I wonder if they even beta test these games, but maybe my standards are too high.