I love NCAA football, but for the past few seasons I like my fellow NCAA fans have been forced to play subpar NCAA games. This season the focus was placed on line play for the first time I can ever remember. Now offensive and defensive line play the right sort of speed and movement. Now for the first time you can take your defensive end and have him engaged with an offensive lineman and your player will not just go into a preset animation. This should result in less “Nano” blitzing this year. Also the running game and zone blocking works with offensive linemen moving to the second level of the defence. All these game play improvements along with the emphasis on how diffirent teams look and play makes the Dynesty mode feel that much more authentic. Now when I play my season I can play an unraked Houston but still hate playing them because of there Air Raid offense gives me so many problems. I do have a few gripes about the game so far I have noticed that the hidden momentum meter in the game is a little overpowered right now. During every game the first team to get a turnover or brake a big play gets such a boost that they are almost unbeatable. A nice touch I have noticed this season is with the Achements, now they actualy have something to do with playing an entire season or playing with a new offensive style. From what I have seen so far the NCAA series is on solid footing, and I look forward to spending countless hours on it this summer.