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How to get Full NCAA 2010 Roster for PS3 and 360.

NCAA Football 10

How to get Full NCAA 2010 Roster for PS3 and 360.

This is fairly easy and can confuse some people without help like it did me. So I'm gonna go straight forward with this and keep it simple. 


  1. Start the game up and get to the main menu.
  2. Select ONLINE menu.
  3. Select EA LOCKER tab.
  5. Then you will need to type the Online ID of the person who you want the roster from. There are people who continually update there roster just for this purpose and I would suggest getting one from them. You can search online for them but here are some that I found. PS3: Tovarich999  360: Romancaesar
  6. Once you have downloaded the roster you have chosen, then save the roster onto your systems hard drive. 

I hoped this helped.

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