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NBA Live 14

NBA Live 14 Finally Hits The Courts

After a long wait, it looks like NBA Live fans will finally be able to get their hands on the next installment in the beleaguered franchise later this year.

The latest trailer for the game was shown at the EA press conference, and the development team says one of its aims is to treat the ball and the players as independent physical objects. It doesn't sound hard, but for EA in particular, this kind of thing has been problematic in this generation of sports titles.

We will, of course, wait to see how the game feels when we get our hands on it to see how it's coming along. Until then, enjoy the trailer below.

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  • I still say Dead or Alive invented Bouncetek.
  • Maybe it will actually release?

  • It's going to get cancelled.

  • i hope EA get's it right this time

  • they better bring their A game. 2K has been on top of its game for a few years running, without any kind of competition to push them. Live needs to be more than just a "solid" game.

  • Good. I'm starting to dislike the 2K series ever since last year release and they still haven't released the latest patch for PC yet. I hope EA can give 2K some competition this year.

  • The game just looks ridiculous. Is it supposed to have a cartoony look about it, or is it just that the developers don't know what the players actually look like? Either way, I want my basketball game to be realistic.
  • I'm wondering if its going to be full of horrible refereeing like in real life like in a pivotal game(say game 7 of the eastern conference finals, Im not a pacers or heat fan btw) and the free throw ratio is 38heat:20pacers, That would be hilarious

  • He could have blocked that had he stretched his arm out all the way.

  • I really want this game to be the more down to earth version of 2k14. I don't think 2k is bad, it has been the best sports franchise of this generation in my opinion, but in order to seperate itself, Live needs to offer things like a narrative or the lifestyle of a player, not just the game

  • This NBA Live 14 reveal just reminded me,I sure can't wait for NBA 2K14 to come out!
  • The only reason why I am even thinking of this game is because it features Kyrie Irving instead of James. Hopefully this game will be good.

  • Finally, dammit. Always liked The Live series over the 2k Series

  • They are about 5 years late to the party.....2k has taken over the bball EA's overall gameplay and player skins look terrible....give it up....only they did right was to have Irvin on the cover.

  • And it already doesn't look as good as 2K, honestly. Sorry Live, you just don't seem to have the magic juju anymore...

  • Fingers crossed that this one comes out