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Kevin Durant Reveals First NBA 2K15 Footage

Kevin Durant isn't just the NBA's Most Valuable Player, he's also the cover athlete for Visual Concepts' NBA 2K15. Apparently, that honor also gives Durant the right to reveal the first gameplay footage of this year's basketball sim.

Durant posted the short teaser on his Instagram profile, which shows him dunking over the Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodala. Durant's post also included the rather uninspired message: "First look at #NBA2K15 for PS4 coming 10/7. #YourTimeHasCome." Hey, at least it's factual. Here's the video:

As Durant pointed out, NBA 2K15 will be coming out for PS4 on October 7, along with Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • I don't know why, but I feel like it looks a little less realistic than 2K14 for some reason. Maybe its because NOBODY DUNKS ON IGGY. Makes it too easy to tell its fake.
  • But... KD didn't mention Xbox. HUr durr he must be biased.

  • this game just fell down the list of my priorities with those graphics. I'd just buy 14' i guess, even though it plays like 13' which I already have just looks next gen.

  • The faces look a little more distinguished, I think in this one as opposed to 2K14. Other than that, 14 looks a little better. Have to wait and see about getting this one.

  • Ever since 2K introduced VC to the game I stopped buying the games on day one like I used to do.
  • It kinda looks the same as 2K14.

  • Why are we knocking a 30 sec SD video for a game that doesn't even come out for 2 more months? We all know it will look great if not better than 2K14 and I'm personally looking forward to at least trying it out. We gotta relax guys and reserve our judgment for just a bit longer until the game actually drops.