I am a huge fan of this series, but I also look at games as a whole.  I love basketball and basketball video games.

This series has been great for a few years now.  The port to PS4 is no different,  They bring everything that is wonderful and add a few things as well.  Even though I could have done with out some of it.

So far, this is one of the best looking games on a next gen console.  The faces and animations are incredible.  Everything looks extremely smooth besides the occasional clipping or silly looking backpeddle move.  The dunks look authentic and the crossovers look brutal.  Overall, looks wise, this game is as close to a 10 as it gets right now.

As for gameplay, this is one of the smoothest sports games out there.  Realistic moves, smooth transitions and great flow of the game are just a few things that make the gameplay really stand out.  I love how you can out a play on the court and see it develop or even call your own plays.  Driving to the hole is simple enough with out being too easy.  Getting open for a 3 can be an actual challenge, but at the same time you can hit a clutch 3 with a hand in your face from time to time as well. The offense seems to almost always run smoothly, it is the defense that can be sketchy at times.  It is never so bad that it breaks the game though.

Mode wise , this game has multiple ways to keep you busy.  My favorite is My Career mode.  I just wish that they would have left out all of the little story elements that they tried to shove into it this year around.  It slows things down when you already have 84 games to get through just to make it to the playoffs.  I love how they incorperated the all-star game much better this year and that you can actually make it to the 3 point shoot out and such.

All in all, the game can be a bit slow at times due to how long a season is but you can always speed things up with shorter quarters and things like that.  Also try the online street ball mode, it can be a lot of fun.