The PS4 version of 2k13 is almost a downgrade in every single way to the PS3 except for a few that count pretty big. Which is why it stills get a decent rating from me despite me letdown upon upgrading.


The menu navigation is a joke. The ease that you can swiftly fly through screens and menus in the PS3 version is gone and is replaced by a clunky unthoughful sliding menu that you must go into and out of different sections to get to where you want to be. You have to almost google how to find out how to play in an online league or upload a roster. (Its under NBA Today sections, and you have to upload and redownload your own roster to use it and it still wont apply).  You no longer can freely edit players on the roster screen unless you do upload you own roster which is a hassle. 

They completely whored out this game which the VC. The Virtual Currency is now scarce as you dont even earn boosts for 5 game win streaks or all star selections and the demand for it is insane. You cant even play blacktop offline with the regular players unless you speed 250 VC per decent player. Only available players are bench warmers and its ridiculous. They also replaced association mode with MYGM which is atrocious. You cannot trade players, adjust roation, or change player roles without upgradaing your GM in 4 different criterias, and upgrading them requires what? you guessed it... more VC.  They are trying to take advantage of this and its ruining the game.


Now on the plus side.  This visuals are stunning. Unparalleled by anything to date and truly makes it pop off your screen. The controls are fluid and similar to the ps3 version. 


But the real saving grace for the ps4 version is THE PARK. The Park is  a 7 court free-roam area ala playstation home where you walk around with your Myplayer and hang out with friends and wait to jump on any of the 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 courts for some ball. There are indicators that also show you how many games in a row a team has won so going in to any given park you know who is on a hot winning streak and almost always they have a line of players waiting to get a shot at them. Also cool is people form teams and change their outfits to all match whe they play which is corny but also cool at the same time.


All in all the game is worth the buy for The Park alone, and if they can combine the style of PS3 version with the visuals and Park of the PS4 version for nba2k15, we are in for a treat...